50 Sales Trends You Need to Know About for 2019

Emergence of new technologies have led to a seismic shift in buyer behavior, and sales needs to keep up. To make sure their organizations are not behind the times, sales leaders need to consistently stay on top of everything. We’ve looked at the top trends that will gain traction in 2019, and have come up with the list of 50 sales trends you need to know about.

Will AI and chatbots replace the sales development role? Are buyers looking for a real connection, or are they happy browsing and researching products themselves? Will the CRM finally start to evolve and help salespeople, instead of hinder them?

Learn the answer to this and many other questions with our quick cheat-sheet: “Top 50 Sales Trends You Need to Know About for 2019.”

Download the cheat-sheet and learn more about:

  • Why customer data will be the new gold in 2019
  • How AI will infuse every bit of technology we use in the future
  • How will sales technology evolve to empower sales reps
  • Why chatbots and video are the hot new sales tools
  • How communities and social selling will drive growth like never before
  • Why we are entering the Age of the Customer and how the seller can finally get some power back

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