Call Scoring Framework to Evaluate Phone Sales Performance

Every day, your sales development team is making proactive outbound sales calls. Or at least they should be.  But how often are all of the components of a great call present in the phone sales effort? If you ask any new sales development rep how they are doing on their calls, they will most likely answer they are ‘doing great.’ But data shows most sales reps either give up after one call or simply do not follow the steps to efficiently convince and convert a lead.


Sales managers need to have tools available to make sure that all outbound calls are refined to perfection. They need to take time in their day to listen to call recordings, and make sure all best practices for phone sales are ticked off the list. Don’t have a list for call scoring to evaluate sales performance? We’ve got you covered.


Jason Smith, director of sales development at Unified, has revealed for how he coaches his sales team to have incredibly effective sales calls. The following call scoring framework allows sales managers to score their sales rep’s phone calls and assign points for each best practice that they followed.


Download the call scoring framework below to understand:

  • What are the absolutely essential steps for a perfect sales call
  • How to properly qualify a prospect and what makes a good sales opportunity
  • What a sales development rep must do after the call



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