How companies are finding new levels of sales growth beyond CRM


Dave Boyce

Chief Strategy Officer


Matt Langie

Chief Marketing Officer

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Did you know that sales reps spend just 18% of their time in their CRM? Why only 18%? Is CRM not adding value to them?


Most sales leaders know that their CRM has maxed out its value-adding potential. Unless… you add next-generation sales technology that works hand-in-hand with CRM.


Tune in Wednesday, May 29, as Dave Boyce, Chief Strategy Officer, and Matt Langie, Chief Marketing Officer, at explore how next-generation sales technology opens up additional paths to sales growth, fueled by a new concept called collective intelligence.


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  • How next-generation sales technology can increase ROI
  • Why data is playing a pivotal role in helping sales achieve quota
  • What Infor, T-Mobile, Caesars, and others are doing to utilize real-time collective intelligence data
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