Frost and Sullivan Report: How Artificial Intelligence Is Disrupting Sales

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Sales leaders are betting on Artificial Intelligence as the technology that will disrupt sales, shows a Frost and Sullivan analyst report. AI can help build pipelines, close deals and expand relationships in the increasingly noisy space of B2B and enterprise selling.

However, not just any AI will do. Analysts warn that most companies are lacking the knowledge and resources to properly implement working AI solutions. Data in companies is often siloed and found in legacy systems, which further causes issues.

There is a need for practical AI, that comes pre-trained and delivers value out of the box. AI needs to self-adapt to changes in the market or sales environment.

Enter AI for Sales…

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  • Why sales leaders believe Artificial Intelligence can be the solution to sales challenges
  • How AI sales tools can increase revenue by up to 30% for businesses
  • How off-the-shelf AI solutions can show results without custom coding

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