McKinsey & Company Analysis: How AI Can Boost Sales Revenue

If you’re not using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics in your sales tech stack today, you’re falling behind the times and behind your competition. Most high-performing companies are already using AI for lead scoring, forecasting and amazing productivity increases.

Over 1/2 (57 percent) of sales organizations feel that they don’t make proper use of advanced analytics.

McKinsey & Company report.

To truly harness the power of predictive analytics in sales, companies need to focus on the areas where they can create the most value, and implement it wisely.

Learn How AI Supercharges Growth in Sales

  • How predictive sales software helps you target more of the right customers
  • Why software can be better than people at people management
  • How AI reduces churn and maximizes customer lifetime value
  • How you can properly implement AI in your company without wasting time and resource

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