Revenue Operations. Is that even a thing?

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Steve Silver

Sales Operations Strategies at Forrester


Gabe Larsen

VP Marketing & Sales Development

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B-to-B sales organizations are under tremendous pressure to improve sales efficiency and effectiveness while responding to changes in buyer and customer behaviors. Sustained growth requires alignment across the b-to-b revenue engine, which starts with a deep understanding of your prospects and customers, their business needs and the critical activities that deliver real value during an active sales opportunity. One option is the creation of a revenue operations function that drives alignment across the key elements of infrastructure, process, measurement, and data.

Join this webinar to learn about the emergence of revenue operations and critical success factors to consider when determining if that’s the right path for your organization.

What You’ll Walk Away With:

· An understanding of revenue operations trends and what’s driving them
· Insights into the business impact of aligned revenue operations
· Practical advice on things you can do now as an organization to embrace the changes happening

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