Sales Operations is DEAD

What Leading-Edge Companies are Doing to Elevate the Role of Sales Ops



Gabe Larsen

VP of Growth

Chris Dent

Expert Principal
Bain & Company

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Sales operations as we know it is DEAD. Leading-edge companies are adopting a new way of utilizing operations to drive revenue and change within their organization.

Tune in this Thursday at 8:00 am PT /11:00 am ET, as Chris Dent, Expert Principal at Bain & Company, discusses how these leading-edge companies are changing the way they execute their operations to drive revenue. Chris will share examples from research his firm has done on what companies are doing differently to succeed in the operations space.

Join the webinar to learn:

  • What lead-edge companies are doing in operations
  • The top area to focus on in executing operations
  • Adoption and utilization of sales technology in lead-edge companies

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