State of Artificial Intelligence

for Sales and Marketing

2018 Report

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Artificial intelligence is one of the factors driving change in the corporate environment, where it is slowly gaining ground. Executives are looking forward to AI fulfilling a promise of increased productivity and revenues, and an increasing number of people are reporting to using AI in their personal life and at work. But how hard is it to apply AI in the real world to produce meaningful revenue and productivity lift? And why aren’t more companies using it?

To understand how the attitudes towards artificial intelligence are changing and how adoption rate is growing, launched a survey of over 600 sales and marketing leaders, in collaboration with the Sellinger Group.

The results have been published in the “State of AI for Sales and Marketing 2018 Report,” a comprehensive research study that shows exactly what leaders are doing to grow their business using this technology.

The survey shows that sales automation, big data and AI are the biggest trends this year, and that an overwhelming majority of leaders (90%) have the expectation that AI will improve sales performance. On average, sales leaders expect a 38% improvement in performance from AI.

Download the “State of AI for Sales and Marketing 2018 Report” to understand more about this technology and how sales leaders are planning to use it to better their business:

  • Adoption is growing for AI in our personal lives and work space
  • Over 90% expect that AI will improve sales performance, with sales and marketing having the most benefit out of AI implementation
  • Over half (57%) of companies not currently using AI because they don’t understand it

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