ClickDimensions Increases Direct Sales by 65% with InsideSales


Reps didn’t know what to prioritize or which strategies to use to connect with key buyers.

ClickDimensions competes in the highly competitive market of custom automation solutions built natively for Microsoft Dynamics customers. They launched a business development team to build and close net new pipeline, but without any structure to scale or methodology to prioritize activity, reps struggled to connect with key buyers consistently. With a 90-120 day sales cycle, attainment fell short of plan.


Targeting, prioritization and enforced engagement rules changed the game.

ClickDimensions needed a solution that would help them enforce best practices and focus effort on the right tasks to improve productivity and sales effectiveness. They launched Playbooks and immediately implemented our lead scoring and prioritization engine, focusing rep effort on leads most likely to purchase. They programed advanced automation rules in Playbooks to care for tasks like lead enrollment into Plays, inbound call routing, activity sync to CRM, email tracking and more. And with a complete data sync to custom CRM reports, call monitoring and call whispering, managers were able to actively evaluate and improve team performance.


  • +71% Lift in Demos
  • +25% Lift in New Logos Closed YOY
  • +65% Lift in Direct Sales

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