Groupon sees immediate impact and an increase in closed contracts with Playbooks


A gap in focus, structure and consistency.

Groupon’s several hundred digital sales reps prospect to merchants of all sizes in all territories of the US and across the globe. With short sales cycles in a very competitive eCommerce market, it’s critical for reps to stay focused on the right things and to find creative and efficient ways to get to decision makers quickly. Prior to engaging InsideSales, reps were not broadly consistent in the way they engaged prospects. Some were successful but many were not, and most new ramps struggled to ramp effectively. As an innovative business, Groupon needed help to accelerate rep performance and replicate the right behaviors.


A repeatable and scalable system to drive productivity, visibility and effectiveness.

One of the earliest wins for Groupon was being able to enforce Plays. Built by marketing and sales leadership, Plays gave managers the ability to easily connect adherence to prescribed workflows with conversion rates and begin a real strategy for optimizing individual performance. The intuitive user experience was easy to use and immediately drove high levels of adoption and shorter ramp times. Within a short period after their go-live, Groupon saw a noticeable jump in connections with key decision makers and corresponding lift in total contracts close per month per rep.


  • Increase closed contracts per rep per month
  • Increased technology adoption
  • Reduced new rep ramp times
  • Connect to decision makers more effectively


“It’s not always the case that when you roll out a new solution or technology you have high levels of adoption, or have reps walk by your office and say ‘that new thing is great, it actually solved a problem.’”

– Mark Brodahl, VP of North American Sales and Sales Ops

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