Partner Program

The InsideSales Helix partner program is designed to leverage the unique skills, methodology, and technology of our partners on behalf of current and potential customers. It provides a framework for reciprocal growth between partners, customers, and InsideSales.

The InsideSales Vision

Your speed to buyers with a strong message largely determines your speed to revenue. But getting to buyers quickly has become more challenging because of digital disruption. Buying groups have multiplied and individuals can easily consume immense amounts of information through different channels, getting closer to decisions before ever involving sellers. The perceived need to engage with reps has plummeted. Sellers are losing influence over, and access to, buyers, and technology alone isn’t enough to ensure reps work on the right things. The winners in this next era of revenue acceleration will be those who connect sellers to buyers faster with data insights that inform them on what to prioritize, who to engage and how to engage, and who have the discipline to stay on track. InsideSales offers the only solution to harness collective buyer insights to guide reps to prioritize the right things first and to engage in the right ways. Combined with capabilities that help organize their activities, and provides visibility into what’s working and how to optimize performance, sellers can confidently get to buyers sooner and influence decisions before their competition.


Go-To-Market partners introduce new companies to the InsideSales ecosystem. These partners are one or more of the following types: Referral, Resale, and Co-sell.


Referral partners introduce InsideSales to companies that are seeking to empower their sales teams. These partners earn referral fees when an opportunity that is referred by a partner to InsideSales results in a new purchase of Playbooks licenses.
Opportunities must pass through the Deal Registration Process and be accepted by the InsideSales Partner team.
Referral Fees and ACV Achievement credit are only awarded on recurring subscription fees and not non-recurring or services revenue.


InsideSales allows partners to “resell” Playbooks licenses to a specific end user on individual transactions that are “sourced” by the partner. These transactions are governed by a Service Order between InsideSales and the Partner. InsideSales will discount the price of the licenses to the partner and the partner is free to “markup” the licenses on their contract with the end-user. In order to resell, the partner must be certified to implement Playbooks and will be required to provide implementation, Tier 1 Support, and manage the renewal of the ultimate end-users.


When an opportunity could benefit from the unique subject matter expertise or professional relationships of a InsideSales partner, a InsideSales account executive may include the partner in the sales process to help close the deal. In return for the partner’s help, the co-sell partner receives the opportunity to implement the new customer, any professional services associated with the account, and ACV credit towards the next partner tier.