InsideSales introduces the world’s first Revenue Acceleration Cloud. The InsideSales Cloud includes 21 patents and was engineered on a scalable infrastructure that meets enterprise standards in global security, compliance and data governance.

API Access

XANT offers direct API access to Microsoft, Salesforce and SAP. The platform scales on a distributed, multi-cloud architecture with AWS and Azure. Within these core integrations, customers leverage bi-directional data synchronization, including all activities and record changes, between our Platform and CRM.

Security + Governance

Our layered security seamlessly integrates with your CRM, reducing security risks with intrusion detection and prevention, security incident and event management, and data encryption. We are SOC2 certified and we baseline our policies governing corporate conduct and security against industry standards such as ISO, NIST and CoBIT.

Data Governance

Encryption + Anonymization

Data in Transit

Data pulled with standard API connectors, authenticated and encrypted using TLS 1.2, transferred to InsideSales private network.

Data at Rest

Encrypted and protected with logical access controls, least privileged access principles, two-factor authentication, security audits and vulnerability scans.

Data in Use

Data in use is anonymized to shield and protect our customers’ identifiable data from others.